Heating and Cooling

Thanks to our experience and quality commitment, we manufacture tanks for different types of processes. Based on our customer needs, we carry out the calculations and design of the equipment guaranteeing efficiency in the operation of our products in a wide variety of applications for the processing of products in the food industry. 

Heat Exchanger

The main function of the heat exchanger is to transfer heat from one fluid to another. It is basicly composed of a tube with a fluid inside it and another fluid flowing.

Camisa Lisa

This type of jacket is used when a water bath heating is going to be carried out, that is, when water or thermal oil is used as a heating medium either the fluid enters hot or is heated in the jacket by means of electrical resistances.

Camisa Media Caña

This type of jacket is used when it is required to do a heating or cooling with fluids to have a better transfer area.

Dimpled Jacket

Este tipo de chaqueta se selecciona cuando se va a calentar con vapor ya que tiene muy buena transferencia de calor y resistencia mecánica permitiendo disminuir espesores en la lámina del cuerpo y de la camisa


It is used to heat or maintain the product at a certain temperature.