Equipment used to mix mostly powders, although sometimes it can be adapted to be able to inject liquid in low proportions to the mixtures.


Equipment that is characterized by its effective mixing, these equipment are suitable for mixing dry and granulated powders, they are implemented in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. They are ideal for small volumes. In addition, an intensifier can be placed so that the mixture is much more homogeneous. These equipment are manufactured from 30 Lts

Ribon Blender Mixer

Nuestros mezcladores Ribbon ofrecen lo último en homogenización de lotes de productos en polvo o granulados, debido a su alta eficiencia y bajo consumo de energía. En la salida se puede colocar un cierre tipo guillotina, válvula neumática o válvula manual. Tiene un agitador horizontal de cintas invertidas las cuales permiten que el producto se mezcle homogéneamente. Se fabrican a partir de 100 litros de capacidad.

Double Cone Mixer

It is suitable equipment for the fast and uniform mixing of dry powders and granules by means of diffusion, that is, by transferring particles isolated from one component to regions occupied by another.